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Split Level Goods Lift - London

Mezzanine Goods Floor Lift
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1000Kg EDL – Goods Only

Lift Stroke (LS)

1000mm limited to the required height using an adjustable upper limit switch

Raised height (CH + LS)


Closed height (CH)


Platform length (L)


Platform width (W)


Lift time

Approx 17 seconds to full height


3ph 415v remote unit with 3M flexible hose. 

Power pack housed within a protective cover


Three years parts and labour warranty, five years structural warranty


Included on a standard 2-3 day delivery service to UK mainland. 

Special Application & Site Specific Features

1100mm high mild steel handrails complete with mid rail and 150mm high kick plates suitable for mounting along one long side and one short end of the scissor lift platform.  The remaining short end will be fitted with a single outward opening hinged gate complete with electrical switch.

The lower level will be fitted with a floor mounted gas assisted drop down barrier arm complete with electrical switch. Drop down barrier reduced in height due to height restrictions.

The platform will be fitted with a tread plate finish for improved grip in wet/dusty conditions

Mild steel galvanised woven mesh will be fitted behind the safety trip bar along one long side

2 x wall mountable controls will be fitted one for upper and lower levels.  These will include scissor up, scissor down and e/stop

General layout drawings will be produced in a DWG or PDF format for approval prior to commencement of manufacture

Installation will include securing down of lift, fitting of ancillary items, connection of mains power and all electrical systems, testing and commissioning of overall installation.  Please see below for exclusions



Construction of the pit is the responsibility of the client/customer.  The pit should be in accordance with drawings to be supplied by MHS and should be of proper materials and level

3 phase and earth mains electrical supply must be wired to an isolator no further than 3Ms from the location of the installation.  This will be required throughout the installation and for the operation of the lift along with 1 phase, 220 Volts for installation power tools.  Customer is responsible for ensuring that electrical output supply complies with current I.E.E. Regulations

The delivery vehicle and our installers require free and unobstructed access to the site and area of installation at all times throughout the installation period.  There are to be no restrictions to work being able to carry on uninterrupted

Installation is to be carried out during normal working hours


Installed at
One Stop Penge
14 - 16 High Street
SE20 7HG
Contact us on Tel 01553 811977 / Fax 01553 811004 or email us at sales@manualhandlingsolutions.co.uk
Mezzanine Goods Floor Lift